About Us

The Ree Wynn Foundation was started in 2012 in response to the sudden and unexpected loss of our family member, Reeshemah (Ree) Wynn to TTP.  Ree went home to be with the Lord in less than 24 hours of being diagnosed with the disease.

The efforts of the Ree Wynn Foundation will increase awareness and support research efforts for treatment of this rare and fatal disease. The foundation raises funds to provide grant opportunities for organizations committed to reducing complications and fatalities. The foundation will also focus on women’s health, since this population is most affected by the disorder.

The Ree Wynn Foundation is a grassroot effort. There are no paid staff and less than $1,000 of start up funds. Currently, the foundation relies on donations to support its efforts to create awareness and educate the public about TTP. The volunteer board consists of six family members. The loss of our beloved family member sometimes saddens and depresses us. Yet, the joy of her memory and the desire to reduce the pain of other families compels us to forge ahead to seek a cure. We will find a cause and a cure for this fatal disease and increase the quality of life for all of those in need.  

Click here to watch The Ree Wynn Foundation’s Founder, Vicki Nicolls and President, James Wynn talk about the foundation on WiMG 1300AM.